Failsafe: More than 5 days before Game Over

Launched in early November, is far from failsafe collected enough funds to be financed through Kickstarter …

Failsafe is about to fall back into anonymity as the funding does not take off on Kickstarter. Yet he did not claim the millions of Shenmue 3 but only $ 80,000 for his project called “Mirror’s Edge in the Miyazaki universe.” It has not yet reached half and there are only five days for it to reach its objective.

Yet the project is promising and is developed by a great team. The small studio Game Over surrounded himself with creative director of choice: Seiji Tanaka who previously worked on the popular Journey. Then we also find  Makoto Fujiwara  who works on the design of environments, it is known to have participated in the development of  Shadows of the Damned and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Finally, Anthony Burchwent through the box Borderlands 2, is in charge of the screenplay aspect of the game.

Failsafe remains a project that had everything to please both golf games are popular these days but it is sorely lacking in visibility. Only five more days to believe in miracles and allow Israel to discover the mysteries of a little-known civilization on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.