The Culling Games Battle Royale: survival at any cost

The Culling: midway between Battle Royale and Hunger games

the culling games battle royale

Multiplayer FPS whose only goal is to survive, developed and published by  Xaviant Games .

Two game modes are available: a single player mode and a team, in both cases it is a confrontation and no respawn . But beware, if you are too slow to start, you will not be ready for the clash and if you play too abruptly, you risk not to exceed 2 minutes . Number of players have died since the beginning of the game by falling from a cliff or was poisoned by accident.

But first we must explain what The Culling . This game offers you to enter an arena and fight the most violently and most furtively as possible for the sole purpose of surviving. In all 16 participants are clashing on the map for 20 minutes; a card in heavenly appearance but host a morbid spectacle .

Indeed as in a Hunger games

, you are an actor in a TV show in which there can be only one survivor (unless you play in a team. Logic). We made this observation at the start of the game saw the list of players shown in the sky but also cameras following our every move, hoping to film our murder. Furthermore the presence of a presenter announcing the death of each participant with a lot of cynicism shows us all the entertaining show side of things.

games the culling

But it’s all part of the form, how is brought gameplay, a staging that works pretty well elsewhere. The graphics are not for nothing as beautiful textures, beautiful lighting effects, all this makes the game enjoyable and allows to plan for this universe.

For the gameplay is the battle royale (the Arma III) pure is hard, that is, you appear on the map with an empty inventory. This is rummaging buildings, collecting materials (stone, wood, etc.) you will fill it. The goal is to loot up

to take a step ahead of the others. You also have the option of spreading snares in the most strategic locations in the map (buildings, rivers …).

the games culling

Regarding weapons, The Culling in 2 types : Remote and melee weapons at all they are in number 24. Arms 2 options available to you, or you craftez your weapons with the materials picked up, or you get them in boxes (already in place or release) that you can open with FLUNC

The FLUNC is the game currency (experience points), which is acquired through your actions (competitors murders, recycling of objects, loot, etc …) and that expenditure to recover from life, and ask airdrops other ways to get ahead.

Finally, be aware that any object in your inventory can be recycled , which will take you to make a choice between sacrificing part of your inventory for FLUNC or so cluttering your inventory in hopes of using it.

Royal Battle of the regulars will not be disoriented  by the operation of the game and will be quickly snapped up by the universe. However for those who have never played (or little) to Battle Royale, ease of grip can make you hold on to that kind of play.

The game will be early access on Steam from March 8.