Clash Of Clans Town Hall secret levels 8.5 & 9.5

The aim to develop a city hotel at a level commonly called 8.5 and 9.5 are to be more effective clan wars and get a better matchmaking during the search of an opposing clan fighting.


Your opponent has the same number as GDC you will have more chance to be a TH 8 if you are TH 8.5  and TH 9 if you are a TH 9.5.


The principle is simple: pass TH 9  if you are TH 8 or  TH 10 if you’re TH 9, improve prioritize your attack strength and leave aside your defenses (except walls and traps).

Of course, you’ll have all evolved before moving to higher TH (Town Hall).


The downside is that you will become easy prey for enemies with TH 9 & 10 who want to plunder your resources. Because they will have less penalty you have seen TH equivalent to their own.

Reminder: TH 10 and  TH 8 attacking a 50% penalty and only 10% on a TH 9.


The basic rule is to maxer all your troops and thus achieve three stars on the enemy that has the same number as the one below you and the clan wars.


As Clashers if you are a bit lazy, I propose a simple and effective method:

  1.  As soon as you pass TH 9 or 10, use your gold to change your clan first and then your castle walls and your traps (which play little for the matchmaking). You will be less interesting for the enemies that you would want to plunder.
  2. Improve your laboratory and your fate factory so you can evolve your spells and your troops quickly.
  3. Evolve your military camps and your barracks.
  4. Meanwhile, enjoy your Dark elixir for your Queen and evolve a few levels.
  5. Invest purple elixir that you have too much in your production facilities (mines and extractors) and your gold reserves and elixir.At this stage, you should have very few resources in reserve and will suffer less looting.
  6.  Once your laboratory and to save time, choose your troops and composition of specialized spells to make three stars in GDC. Make the move as soon as possible and learn to control it.


Here compositions mobile troops to set up:

GOHOG: golems, pigs (you can even start with nothing but full of pigs, very effective against HDV 8)

GOWIPE: golems, wizards, pekkas (a classic but easy to control which guarantees a minimum of 2 stars)

GOWIVAP: golems, wizards, valkyries

GOWIWI: golems, wizards, witches

You will need to stay several weeks with your troop composition so choose it well.

There are of course other compositions troops as hybrid compositions, but you will need much more time to improve.

For the rest, make your move troops farming to acquire resources more easily and start to upgrade your defenses.

In the end, make evolve your defenses in this order:

  • Anti-aircraft
  • Tesla
  • Blowers
  • Archers Tours
  • Tours wizards
  • Cannons
  • Mortars

– Finally, add your new defenses (x Rainbow Tower and hell for TH 9.5)

Once you have your compositions GDC troops and farming, do evolve your other troops.


Two examples of town 8.5:


You are now a Warrior competition Grandpa! 😉