Clash Of Clans Tips | How To Get The Dark Elixir Easily

How To Get The Dark Elixir

is very simple:
Just pick up one or more lightning spells.
When you come across a village too difficult to attack, and there are many Dark elixirs to fly, simply blast the storage. It will not completely destroy, but you will leave with a lot of dark elixirs.
By performing this technique several times, you quickly fill up your dark elixir storage.



Do not hesitate to steal the dark elixir content in the black elixir drills. Sometimes there are more than you think. And like most of the time they are located on or outside the villages, some troops are enough to destroy them completely.
To see if they contain a lot of dark elixirs or not, we must look small storage at the top.
If they are empty, is that they contain no or less dark elixir.
If they are half full, as the image is that they contain a lot of dark elixirs.
If they are completely full, this is the jackpot.
Enjoy 🙂



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