Call of Duty Black Ops 3: snowy forest

Discover the test of Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Technical sheet

  • Support: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Developer:  Treyarch
  •  Publisher:  Activision
  • Type: FPS
  • Release  Date: November 6, 2015

Test on PlayStation 4 on a version provided by Activision

The Call of Duty franchise is often criticized for his appearance screenplay a bit light and classic content year after year. That said, the view is often unanimous on the key that Treyarch brings a complexity of each dose to the Black Ops campaign that remains quite short. The question is whether Black Ops Call of Duty 3 is in line with previous games of the publisher or if this album stands out from his elders.

Treyarch has built on the side science fiction accompanied by high-flying scenes to install a frame that will probably arise at each player a great curiosity about the meaning of history. Between artificial intelligence, IDN and snowy forest, you are embedded into the unknown and you demand answers from the end of the scenario. Going back on this eventful campaign but also has some disadvantages.

A complex campaign

Many players who are not engaged in it as long multiplayer takes an important place in every Call of Duty.Between the multi and Zombies mode, the campaign does not attract as many players as this (only 8% of the owners of the game ended the campaign to date). However, Treyarch has placed very close attention to the single-player campaign and promised she would play with our thinking and gain in depth. They did not lie.

Before decrypting the solo adventure, it is important to note that you can embody as expected a womanor a man, it does not change your adventures, but at a time when the role of women in the video-game is to increasingly discussed, it is a detail that should not be ignored. For cons, the character customization is not really rich in options. Fortunately it is possible to customize your soldier with equipment which, excuse the expression, have to face.

As for the scenario, it becomes even more complex and there are many players who are still struggling to decipher clues all distilled in the various missions. The start of the campaign made a big entry into matter and ends with your powerlessness over the enemy who dismembers you, but your mentor eventually come to your rescue. From there begins an adventure that will require a lot of your neurons.

It puts you a IDN that allows you to connect to the enemies memory (but not that …) that will help you understand and relive past events. The first simulations serve as tutorial and help you familiarize yourself with new capabilities that boost your power, speed and will be very useful to overcome sometimes painful defeat robots. Honestly, these small powers remain very significant and it is not complicated to use. Which helps very fluid side of Black Ops 3 gameplay in the previous line with an easy grip and accessible for all.

By cons, other aspects remain disturbing but fairly standard. The AI is (some) evidence of inconsistency, your infantry comrades can not die in action sequences and sometimes lack of efficiency in their shots or are other devilishly great time to save your skin and help you. A real downside spoils the gaming experience and it is at the level of the atmosphere. We are always embedded on missions in emergency observation and it harms some sequences that would merit a rather more sedate setting. No tension and almost no infiltration sequences because of what speedrun nag side. Certainly, the pace will crescendo at the same time as the interest of the country, but quickly becomes repetitive actions.

This also feels in understanding the scenario that calls various interpretations, but how to interpret the meaning of the story without having time to reflect. That said, Treyarch has had the good idea to provide a resting place in which a voice will help you summarize the events. Better, the hub lets you check on your own archives, the perfect opportunity to put the puzzle even though it remains difficult to restore.

The concept of the snowy forest is well thought out but could enjoy a better realization because it does not necessarily grant an exciting game experience for all. Our character is often spectator events and has no bearing on the story except at a final breathless mission. Before this, we suffered more action than we provoke, we are forced to make us a battlefield to another, repairing action without really knowing why. We are placed in the center of chaos and should not be hanging out in the area because the emergency observation animates your assignments one after the other.

A solo experience that is not just that the Campaign

Treyarch has also enriched consistently its content offline. In this base where you can improve your abilities, change the design of your character, choose your equipment, start the mission you want, there are also rather interesting additional activities. From the hub, you can get started in Dead Ops Arcade 2 which will delight fans of retro games. It’s not only a mini-game because it has really been developed to have fun for many minutes and you travel a few maps by exterminating zombies. Picking up an object, you can even fall in FPS view which is more difficult to manage than the view from the top. It then sets up a different atmosphere than the Zombies classic mode.

It is also proposed that we go into “combat immersion”, a game simulator in which you must survive a maximum of waves of enemies. Obviously, the more success you have, the more waves of enemies will be tough. Again, Black Ops Treyarch has 3 of a serious alternative to the Campaign. The 16 rounds will not be obvious but your exploits will allow you to earn an emblem, manufacturing kits and experience. A reward that is not negligible.

That’s not all, we told you about a similar fashion game Mirror’s Edge, Champ Libre. It’s not really the same experience but it is indeed a golf game in which you are asked to go as fast as possible. 4 courses are offered 4 different levels of difficulty and the last could overcome your patience. This does not give you want you will start every time you turn your game console but it is a game mode rather pleasant.

Finally, last but not least, the Nightmares that you unlock by completing the Campaign level commando veteran or realistic. It is always about putting bastos but robots and humans are not the only enemies, they are joined by the living dead. If we reproached the classical Campaign surplus too nags sequences at high pace, Nightmare Mode compensates easily this problem. Each mission is explained in hindsight and it’s no longer only sprinter but also to get rid of the living dead who does end over come. This will force you to change weapons with magical boxes found in classic Zombies modes.

A classic multiplayer with extras

The multiplayer retains its strengths and weaknesses of previous games while adding the personal touch of this third episode. The content is pretty honest with 11 game modes and 12 maps including the famous Nuk3town for those who pre-ordered the game, it is still as dense. We find the weapon Game mode also always appreciated. In the negative side, we find a setting that is hardly destructible (except cars) and a relatively small size of cards, sometimes clumsy and reappearances often referred lucky the enemy in the sense that you do not have the feeling of touching the enemy who still succumb to your balls.

However, if you are a regular Call of Duty, you know what to expect and you are accustomed to these little recurring defects. Treyarch allows the player to choose a specialist bonus. It may be assisted sprint that gives you an easy and impressive movement and perfect to chain the good series. Others provide bonuses by weapons such as explosive arrows and very dangerous grenade launchers. The jetpack and movements on the walls provide a very pleasant feeling when taking in hand and it is rather nice to be able to take up arms under water. In any case, all player profiles find it and the camper as the most mobile player will enjoy the multiplayer experience.

A crazy fashion Zombies

The poverty of Zombies Mode only affects the number of maps available for free, one with Shadow of Evil.You quickly forget that only it to do (if you do not get The Giant) both difficulty takes over your experience. It presents pretty new. In addition to the box that sports a new design, the bobblegum appear and allow you to choose five strengths among 15 possibilities. Treyarch has thought the thing for these little goodies are limited in time (in some sleeves in seconds for others etc). Even better, you can hide weapons and even customize weapons Zombies in this mode. The more you kill zombies, the more you’ll have access to skins for your equipment.

Once on the map, you might think wrongly that it is a classic map with windows repair and zombies to knock.If this is your first Call Of, you’ll be hard pressed to advance in the level unless you look at some tutorials on the net. The new elements are as numerous as the ability to turn into beast, which grants you a non-negligible power, vertical displacements and in particular the need to open secret doors.

The level of zombies edged up and prompts you to upgrade your weapons quickly and it’s not worse. While he tended to be linear in its mechanical, the gameplay varies a bit more and it is more complicated to bring the zombies. We find such bosses some rounds which is pretty tough just like in Call of the Dead, a map of Black Ops DLC. In short, Treyarch has recovered good Black Ops previous ingredients that made them so nervous and addictive all by inserting effective new features. However, as is the case in all Black Ops, you take your marks quickly as soon as you enter the different game mechanics. It is nevertheless regrettable that this is the Zombie map only available if one leaves aside Dead Ops Arcade 2. It is also perspective by recalling that the Campaign is available in Zombies mode in Nightmares.








Treyarch presented a Call of Duty, which has never been as good. All aspects of the next-gen versions have been treated and are of interest. A solo experience that is not just as a rather complex Campaign, a still effective and Zombies multiplayer mode that will make all players addictive once integrated mechanical. We can only regret that there are only Shadows of Evil (before the next DLC) and the concept of the snowy forest deserved better less repetitive gaming experience for whoever lives