Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Nuk3town Map Displays Video

Appreciated by all since the first Call of Duty Black Ops, Nuk3town appears in a new design rather successful at first sight


In less than a week, millions of players will throw on Call of Duty Black Ops 3. For months Treyarch praises the qualities of an album that has never been complete. Campaign mode reworked the Zombies fashion crazy and Free Run mode that everyone compares to Mirror’s Edge. While there is information that has made about her, it’s the return of the map Nuketwon renamed Nuk3town.
The latter was a facelift to fit a futuristic environment but appears to remain the same size as in the previous Black Ops. The gameplay promises to be even more nervous, this is the first time that players can walk around with it new possibilities of travel, which could reduce the number of “campers” on the map.
Treyarch delivered an overview of Nuk3town through a fairly promising gameplay session. The question is whether it will convince the faithful of the Call of Duty license or displease the less convinced. Anyway, this video addresses many issues that could arise: