Boom Beach Submarine Tips

Boom Beach Submarine – Submarine can discover underwater treasures. You can look dive sites on the map and send a submarine on a mission. You can also upgrade submarine to dive deeper, which produces more rewards. Submarine in boom beach gives you the ability to find the treasure under the sea. On the map, you can find some of the dive site which is characterized by yellow buoys. Every dive site gives you a couple of targets to choose from. From the target caution that you choose, you cannot take all the treasures of the dive sites. Each property can be held diamond resources or energy for your stone sculptor.

There are Boom Beach Submarine tips that can you use. You can open the submarine at the level of HQ 9. You also search the map for the dive sites which is marked by yellow buoys. You also can upgrade the submarine to dive deeper with greater rewards. You need to be careful in choosing your target in every dive sites, you cannot recover all the treasures. Submarine is a great advantage to gather your resources. In exchange for gold, submarine allows you to search for various treasures dive sites containing diamonds, power stones, wood, stone, etc. These resources come in an abundance of treasure chests and submarines and a higher level that allows you to dive deeper for rare treasure.

You can build a Boom Beach Submarine to find a property by searching for dive sites on the map. Diving areas appears at random and each dive site will provide some treasures to choose from. Dive cost a lot of gold, but the rewards are worth it. “Diving left” refers to the number of dives that you can use in the dive site. After reaching 0, the dive site will be lost. You cannot retrieve all the treasures of the dive sites, so the choice of targets wisely. Over time, you will use your snorkeling and scuba diving to reduce the number of your sites. First and foremost, the dive site does not even have an egg or two less on the map. If you have less dive site on your map, the more likely of it is that the new dive site will appear. After that you have two or fewer locations to dive, the game will roll the dice to see whether there is one egg of the dive sites. This opportunity is relatively low, it may take several days to show a new dive sites if you are lucky.

It is good to note that to find a place to dive for the maximum diving depth of up, you need to find a dive site away from your home base. However, the maximum diving depth of the high does not guarantee that a deeper dive will be close to the maximum depth of the dive. It only allows the possibility of a deep dive.

Each submarine treasure is in returning the remains of the submarine to be received. Similarly to the boat resources, any property can be stolen from the submarine by the attackers. Note that you cannot start another dive in the submarine treasures which are collected. You cannot run a new diving through submarine upgrade. It is possible to upgrade existing submarine that contain a treasure. Just move any building outside the area that cannot be placed. Then, click on the submarine and it will display the upgrade code. Treasure will remain in the sub-committee when the upgrade is complete. That’s our article about Boom Beach Submarine.