Boom Beach Armory Upgrade

Tips For On Boom Beach Upgrade Priority

Boom Beach Armory – Increase weapons stockpile is more important for your boom beach. It is a very important tip for boom beach that give priority to upgrade your weapons and artillery barrages store above anything else. The reason for this is that if you are able to record the main enemy defenses energy after so weak army, you will be able to attack the beach and get your victory.


It is also important to pay attention to the exact amount of Boom Beach Armory damage, because you can calculate the tower that you can take exactly with the right amount of energy. For example, if you have armory at the level of 17 with 3718 damage, it means that you can have one shot, defensive health Towers 3500 or 2-shot kill murder under the 7634 health of each tower. Then you can use your energy efficiently and the destruction of many defenses with it. There is an essentially rule and high arches as you can so that it will not also do damage to the tower and surrounding buildings.  So to conclude, if you ever have the option to invest in the development of a military unit or other tactics / technology, you need to always upgrade your Boom Beach Armory first. You have to make it to be more effective to raise your own warships and put a statue of the energy level at least one, but many people go for more than that.


When you visit your store weapons, there are many options about what needs to be upgraded, especially as you level up and more troops and defenses which are available to you. Much depends on your playing style, but there are some rules where some skilled players are agreed on the spot when it comes to weapons upgrades in the boom beach. They are: You have to increase your artillery barrages. You need to think about what are the items that you use in almost every island attack, regardless of the forces of the plan or the overall goal. Artillery is often the first thing that you should take off in the attack. It can be used to take some defenses before ground troops. It is also very useful in most of the attacks. You have to raise the level of your artillery to the maximum. It is available at the current level Armory which should always be the first priority.


Furthermore, you have to focus on just one or two types of forces. Here are questions to ask yourself: What are your favorite troops you have to attack? Are you a warrior or heavy Rush classic + Zooka more your style? In both cases, choose your troops and expand the upgrade before the upgrade on the other hand. Do not spread yourself too thin by trying to keep all the upgrades even. Medkits and shock bombs over Mines are a lower priority, but you need to upgrade your medkits and bomb shock before you spend the value of gold in Mines and Boom Mines. Although Mines is an important part of the strategy to defend your base, it is relatively easy for an attacker to avoid. That’s our article about Boom Beach Armory.

Boom Beach Upgrading Armory -“Upgrade Strategy” – What To Upgrade First in Boom Beach!