Bloodborne: Extension of The Old Hunters Details

More details on the upcoming expansion of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters


  • The release of The Old Hunters, the new extension of Bloodborne is scheduled for next week. We discover a little more about this extension that could make you addicted if you’re not already.
  • This extension will include new weapons: Bloodletter, Gatling Gun. A new rune The Beast’s Embrace greatly will boost your power “bestial”.
  • Also note that to access the contents of the extension, there are some steps:
  • Once the boss of the Great Cathedral defeated, select the drive that will plunge the world into the night.
  • Go to the dream of the hunter and receive the special item from the messengers.
  • Meet at the Faubourg Cathedral and take the left exit.
  • Go to the right side of the site to unlock a special event, this event to take in a new area: The Nightmare Hunter
  • In lighting the lamp of this area, you can move them from the hunter’s dream.
  • In addition to this extension, it’s a big patch (which we have already presented) 9GB awaits the players.