Blade & Soul: meeting with the Conjurer

With its latest update, Blade & Soul presents the Conjurer, a new class classy.

blade and soul gameplay

He will surely not escaped you that in Blade & Soul, as we were reporting our test in February, fighting shares his playground with a sense of aesthetics to the extreme. A real game installer, the Korean MMO, therefore, is accustomed to introduce ourselves charismatic classes by the visual performance of their fighting techniques and the multitude of different outfits available in progress. Just arrived, the Conjurer yet succeeded the challenge pipped at the post his colleagues starting in the escalation of the class. The Conjurer and offers stunning visual effects during his routines, while providing the luxury of laying between each technique.
However, we regret that the class is intended only for Lyn and Jin ( click here for a reminder of existing breeds ). If Gon, these nags extreme, could logically be the wrong place to access the finesse of the occult arts in question with the Conjurer, it would however well imagine Yun and their legendary through this role.

blade &  soul

Assuming control

Being stylish is good, but in an MMORPG class must also be balanced and provide an interesting synergy with the skills of his comrades. From this point of view, the Conjurer did nothing wrong either, the new class bringing a fascinating dynamic in the middle of the fighters already in the game. If we already had classes offensive melee and distance, we must admit that the whole lacked a bit of control. Moreover, control the Conjurer has it in spades. If the Destroyer could sometimes afford to procrastinate enemies with techniques to take damage or grab the belligerents to allow his comrades to release the Armageddon on these, we must admit that it remained still light. Similarly with the master of the elements, despite its extremely useful ice ability to slow opponents. The Conjurer, he proposes, for example, to seal the enemy and introduce movements buff allies. A bit fragile physically, the Conjurer compensates for this weakness by a range of techniques giving it control of the combat zone.

Among the most commonly used combos, the following will be selected:
Blade & Soul Card 1
Soul Iron> Soul flight> Call of the Dragon> rush Soul (level 3, part 1)> related blade
Blade & Soul 2
Soul Iron> Soul Flight> rush of soul> dimensional fly (level 3, 4 branch)> dimensional load (level 3, 4 branch)> Spiral Dragon (level 2, part 3)> break
Blade & Soul 3
Imprisonment> invocation> destruction> Soul irons> Soul Flight> Dragon Call> rush of soul> dimensional fly (level 3, 4 branch)> dimensional load (level 3, 4 branch)> dimensional discharge (level 3 branch 4)> awake break

Card Blade & Soul
[PvP type Combo]
Soul Iron> invocation> back> Flying Soul (level 3, part 3)> Call of the Dragon (level 5, Division 1)> temporal distortion (level 3, part 3), rush Soul (level 3, 1 branch)> call of the dragon> related Blade (level 3, part 1)> call of the Dragon (x4)> bombardment (level 3, part 1) (x3)> imprisonment

The goal with the Conjurer, roughly speaking, very often follows the following procedure: capital, attribution effects (brand assigns damage bonus, targeting allows for serving attack and attack instantly) and distribution of harm. As a group, thus confirming that the Conjurer proves to be an excellent support, with skills like burning soul (reset counters competencies and boost sometimes considerable thereof) as a buff remarkable. In PvP, for against, the Conjurer is very fragile for that will not handle the cooldown of skills in the second. However, the existence of used often allows occupying the enemy to try and season with away in peace. With a good tempo and experience, the Conjurer is quite a thorn in the side of some conservative opponents, like the Destroyer.
A character class (within screw up the character creation stage).
Support skills more than welcome.
An animated character to handle with a little experience.

The limitation to Jin and Lyn.
The fragility of the character in PvE deals with groups of enemies.
Serving which would have benefited from a little more exploited in the skills of the character.