Black Desert Online: The first European beta

Daum Europe soon launched the first closed beta for Black Desert Online

Long awaited among fans of MMORPG players, Black Desert finally launching hostilities. Indeed, Daum Europe has announced the start of the first phase of beta testing of the game. It will take place between 16 and 22 December next.

Daum also returned on the changes in the game compared to alpha-testing phases that have already occurred.

  • The class will be available Tamer
  • Classes Berserker, Warrior, Ranger and have been rebalanced Witch
  • The potions were rebalanced with a 5s cooldown
  • The level cap is set at 50.99%
  • PvP will be available from the lvl.30
  • New graphics options will appear
  • 30 new skins for characters and various cosmetic items have been added
  • The day / night cycle has also been reworked