Battleborn:incursion gameplay Provided on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 3

2K and Gearbox reveal new information about their Battleborn multiplayer game, due out this year.

Battleborn games incursuion

Provided on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 3 after being pushed back in November , Battleborn is a multiplayer shooter where colorful characters , such as Galt , compete in various game modes.

Today, 2K and Gearbox gives us information on the Incursion mode, whose aim is to destroy the enemy sentries bots while protecting his own .

The teams will have to fight your way through the battlefield by facing the opposing team, but also the enemy drones . To win, you’ll have to destroy the two sentries bots on the opposing team, one lying in the middle of the card, the other at the end of the map, marked with a shield icon on the map .

You can also destroy fragments which allow you to buy tactical structures to build on strategic points on the map or improve existing structures . We thus find:

  • Automatic turrets: having offensive weapons, they attack all enemies from beside them .
  • Care stations: they regenerate health allies nearby.
  • Accelerators: give a speed boost to the allies passing by.
  • Super minions: they can only be purchased based team. Super minions more damage than the other henchmen .

The site Battleborn also offers us images and a gameplay video based on the game mode so you do notice. So, are you looking forward to play?