Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Tips – make money quickly

Money is often an important factor in the saga of Ubisoft. Discover here a trick to fill your pockets in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


Let us go right back into the thick of it, will you? Let’s go !

  • Step 1:  Take 5 hours to fully capture / release London, with the exception of racing, street fighting and looting cargo.
  • Step 2:  Complete the Hunting activities and Templar Lairs gangs in the Westminster area to be rewarded with 2000-3000 pounds in                    cash for each success.
  •  Step 3: Use all the money collected so far to buy all gang enhancements in the main menu. Invest especially in the crook section,                            especially in Vol branches of beer (and his two upgrades: shell company and interest rates) and the Purchase section of Pub                       (and its four developments: pubs games, sportsbook, and tea magnate buying shops). The first of these two branches will                              bring you an extra £ 500, every 30 minutes. This amount is multiplied as long as you have purchased the improvements                                mentioned just above. In the end, it is not less than 130 000 books that fall every 3 hours you spend in.