Anno 2205: The conquest of the Moon

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Technical sheet

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Blue Byte
  • Type: Management
  • Released: November 3, 2015
  • Multiplayer: No

Tested from a version provided by Ubisoft
4 years after Anno 2075, Blue Byte is back with Anno 2205 that sends you colonize the Moon. And if the futuristic detour had found its audience, Blue Byte intends to prolong the pleasure while revisiting the formula. Anno 2205 is the sixth episode of the series and it looks like a small redesign that may not pleased everyone…


Why settle for the Earth when the Moon is at hand? This is probably the question that arose Blue Byte during the development of Anno 2205. Indeed, the title intends to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that can offer the moon. But you are not alone in wanting to chew a piece of the pie, and it is a race that begins and there will not be room for everyone.

So you start the game by choosing a first region to colonize the temperate zone from 3 configurations. Each configuration corresponds to a particular project: aesthetics, energy and resource exploitation. From that moment, we discover one of the directions of the title that goes to an experience in which all your actions have an impact on the rest of the adventure. Also note that there is only one country that does not really offer predefined scenario, it is more of a context that change according to your actions (there is not Sandbox mode or even multiplayer).

You are then released into the wild and you need to establish your colony by creating homes while providing for primary needs of your employees such as drinking water, electricity and food. The population is demanding all as needed, so you unlock new buildings and people become more skilled. In short, we will have to be careful to keep a balance between resource production, population and your economy. Indeed, new buildings will require more people so more workers, this will impact on food production, but also on energy needs. You will also remember to have enough manpower to transport the goods. All this creates a real cycle you need to maintain. This was one of the great strengths of the Anno series, Anno 2205 and we can say fully respects this aspect management / strategy.


Another point of the game is also rather successful: the graphics. Anno is a very beautiful game. As much by the technical and artistic side, Blue Byte has made a very good job at this level. We still pestera because the game is a heavy coat, and that a still quite beefy configuration to enjoy.


Once you have advanced enough at the starting area, you need to create a space elevator. You will have access to a kind of hub that will become quite significant thereafter. It was also at this time that the experiment proposed by Anno 2205 is far from the old episodes. You will be able to establish new settlements in Arctic areas for example, without closing or finish the work in the first zone. This is a “multi-session”, you’ll even be forced to make trade between your colonies, like other city-builder such as Sim City. Basically, you will be able to manage all your colonies simultaneously.

Beyond the temperate zone of departure, you will have access to other areas that offer other biomes: arctic and lunar biomes. These two biomes operate in a manner slightly different from the temperate zone. Indeed, in the Arctic you can not ask that homes near heat sources, the heat sources are industrial buildings. Regarding the lunar biome, you will have before asking protect buildings with shields. So there is a rather interesting concept of investment. The fact is that it is also possible to move any building on the fly, it’s not a very realistic function, but it has the merit of being extremely effective.
Also new is again well thought: building extensions. You will have the ability to install extensions to your buildings that will result in improved performance, lower the cost of labor and reduce the energy cost.
There is also a military aspect to this episode which remains dispensable in principle, even if it turns out that it is better to spend for comfort in. Indeed, very regularly, you will have access to skirmishes, clashes against the AI. These naval battles where you have to achieve goals such as saving captured by the enemy troops, for example. Overall these missions are unattractive, however, they will offer resources that will allow you to install extensions to your buildings.

Finally, Anno 2205 is still a good experience. the game is really very beautiful and very well finished towards the same technique if it proves to be a tough coat for the more modest configurations. Blue Byte has tried to bring new blood on this episode by imposing a global experience in solo and multiplayer forgetting the sandbox mode. Overall, this episode seems to lay the foundations of future episodes, hope that the chemistry is going even better for the future.



Overall Score : 6.5

some fans of the Anno series may be a bit destabilized by this new album that initiates a change. And for once, the formula is not yet fully developed. However, Blue Byte innovates a little while keeping what made the wealth of the series. This episode is a bit more accessible (and good for beginners), which does not make it a bad game so far. And in the end, whether the game please, just play.