ace fishing game apk download

Ace Fishing is andro 3D fishing game hunting palace. This game will give you a feeling of real fish. Ace fishing allows you to play in your own language and this is a good thing that the language has no United Kingdom as a first language. This game is the most beautiful places in the world. It is easy to play on Smartphones. When you catch the fish, your device will vibrate and will give you the feel of it.  Cast your lure with touch and play with the fish to get to your boat. Teeter is very easy because you can simply hold down roll for restoring the line to your boat. You have to keep a balance with the power lines since it can be broken if it is still too far in the red meter.


Try to manage carefully between green (safe) and red (borderline), so that you can make progress in your fish reeling. If the fish starts to get too far out of reach, drag your finger to the left or right, according to the direction shown to catch returned to the fingers. Competitive fishing of this game, all you have to do is check the leaderboards and tries to beat with a catch of fish for higher rewards. Ace Fishing Game is very exciting game.


Favorite part about catching is fishing and the actual drawing. Fishing feels like an arcade game. It’s very simple and much exaggerated. The graphics are relatively simple but clean. You have a fishing rod (cool to change appearance if you upgrade), boat, water, the landscape in the background. The boat is too small, the water looks OK, but what stand out are really the sunshine, views that appear behind everything. On one level, the background looks warm orange, contrasting with the bright blue water with waves of coronation. It also ads at the beginning of the game that makes it tough to get through. Check out the game and ace fishing game apk download here if you love fishing. That’s all about Ace Fishing Game.