11 Aug 2015

Want Unlimited Diamonds in Boom Beach – Read on

If you have not played Boom Beach adventure game, I hope you are heading to you mobile store this instant to download this game. Boom Beach is an adventure game in an archipelago setting, where you play with an aim to seek victory and control of the islands around. This game includes in app purchases to get rewards, for progress during the normal game play in form of coins that help you purchase the game’s tools to help you recruit, equip an army, and build the army bases so that you play the game comfortably. These purchases are avoidable by using boom beach cheats.

You might ask about how to hack boom beach? This hack for boom beach is a loophole in the game that allows you to get coins free, meaning you avoid spending money on the game. The Boom Beach Hack Tool is available for download on your computer free. After downloading the tool, connect your mobile device, from there you select unlimited coins and finally hack the resources directly to your Boom Beach account. The coins will now be available in the game play and you use them to purchase the tools to build your army in the game. You can also get the resources online through a Boom Beach Hack Tool portal where you use your account to get unlimited resources sent straight to your Boom Beach account.

Boom beach has never been this easy to play, with this boom beach cheats you will save time that you use to acquire these coins in the game and money that you spend to get the limited resources.

Why spend on the resources, while you get them free? I invite anyone who plays boom beach and anyone who is yet to play the game, to download the Boom Beach Hack Tool on your computer to enjoy this free service.

Are you aware about the new video game available on IOS and Android phones? Yes you heard it correct. It is the latest mobile strategy video game which has been launched by the Supercell. This is the company which became famous for Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

Now after these two, the new game, Boom Beach is at its peak.

A brief idea about this game

It is a game of conflict. The storyline of this is based in a tropical island where the player defenses the troops coming in. Constructing the base is allowed here for the players and even they can upgrade their defenses during play and can unlock their enemies’ upgrades. While defending against the troop the player earns intel as a reward of surviving or countering attacks and they can use these resources to combat the computer generated bases. So isn’t it exciting!

Boom Beach Hack Tools :

Using this tool a player is able to earn unlimited gold, diamonds (intel) etc during the play.

However as this game is available online hence cheat codes of this tool are unavailable as otherwise it can cause imbalance to this very exciting and popular game.

As this game is a free one available in Google Play Store so many people don’t prefer to spend anything for this game. Thus for them a new program has been developed which is the Boom Beach Hack Tool. It is also known as Boom Beach Cheats. It will help you to get unlimited intels (gold, diamond and other resources) during your play. It is a very simple tool which has the following features

· It is the generator of unlimited diamonds and gold

· It helping in adding wood, iron and stone during the play

· All the resources are set as unlimited.

Steps for downloading Boom Beach Cheats

For downloading this tool free of cost you have to follow the following steps

1) You have to download this tool from a particular link

2) If Win RAR is not available in your OS then you have to download that as well

3) You have connect and your computer and your device with the USB cable

4) The running game needs to be closed

5) The desired OS (Operating System) needs to be chosen

6) Then you will get the option of Connect button which you have to click

7) After that go to the Features tab and therein you get the hacking features which you want to activate

8) Click on all resources as unlimited

9) And finally click on the save button

Once you have done this just go to the Start tab and click it but remember do not remove your device and wait till the whole process is finished.

OS where Boom Beach Cheats can be downloaded

This tool can be downloaded in the following Operating System

1. Windows

2. Mac

3. IOS

4. Andriod

5. Linux

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and download this game in your mobile and get the hacking tool downloaded from the internet. You will see how the boring evening turn exciting.


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6 Aug 2015

Dead Among Us Review

The Dead Among Us is all about surviving in a world that has been overrun by zombies. The world changed forever when a deadly virus called Ceres was unleashed after an explosion occurred at the Heckle Corporation’s Cell Research Unit. Once people encountered Ceres they eventually turned into flesh eating creatures that were no longer human and had no souls. They were everywhere.

Soon their kind began to spread and billions of people were infected everywhere. Only a hand full of survivors were left. Many of them gave up hope and descended into a sickening depravity; others united to retake the planet from the zombie scourge. One of those people is an archery champion who has teamed up with a group of scientists and survivors. He leads his team on a quest to restore the Earth’s remaining humanity. His team is the best hope that the world has for survival.


This is the background to the first person zombie shooter game known as the Dead Among Us. This game uses single handed control for shooting and eliminating enemies. Unlike most other zombie games where a person can use a gun or a sword to smash zombie brains; players use a bow and arrows to get rid of them. This game is fairly simple to play and requires players to navigate through a city to find various ingredients that will be used to create an anti-virus to get rid of zombies.


Dead Among US requires players to complete 95 quests from 10 unique and challenging locations. The game has been designed with stunning 3D graphics and players will have to fight from at least 10 different challenging and unique locations. Players will also be able to upgrade their bow and arrows to improve their kill ratio of zombies. Upgrading weaponry will also help players to take down some of the more aggressive zombie monsters in the game.

Players can also get power up and special bonuses such as radar which will keep track of zombie movement and their locations. There is also slow time which forces the zombies to move in slow motion. This bonus will allow players to get out of tight situations they might encounter with zombies and kill shots which will take down any zombie with one shot. Keep in mind that the stronger zombies will not die with one shot. There are many more surprises and rewards that people can use in this game.

Game Play

When the game starts off, players will be given simple missions to protect people. If they are able to they will be given rewards such as money or power ups. As the game advances the missions become harder to complete. Players will use their bow and arrow to shoot at zombies from a safe distance when they start the game. As it progresses, they will have to fight the zombies up close and personal with their bows. In order to shoot the zombies, a player will have to take the time to locate them on the screen. This is not always an easy thing to do. Once a quest has ended information about its success will be presented on screen and rewards will be paid accordingly.


At this point, a player can go the bow shop to upgrade their weapon and to get more  arrows. Users should not forget that there is a cross hair feature on their bow that will  allow them to zoom in on their targets. They can also go to a special shop to get extra  equipment and items. They will then receive their next mission from headquarters and  then continue the game. Do not forget that players have different levels for in game quests such as “star”, “regular” and “challenge”.

Keep in mind that the action also picks up as the game advances. A player’s special abilities (such as slow motion and kill shot) will also appear on the bottom of the screen. Players can simply tap on them to use that particular power. Dead Among Us is an original zombie game. While it is not the best zombie title ever invented it can keep players busy for hours on end fighting against the horde of the dead.


Dead Among Us Game Play Trailer

5 Aug 2015

Boom Beach Hack Tool

The Boom Beach game is an adventure game that runs on mobile phones and tablets of Apple and Android software. The game is a combat strategy where a war exists between one and the evil Blackguard. The game is free to download and play however; it contains in-app purchases to unlock certain features in the normal game play. The game requires the player to protect his/her base , gather resources and attack enemy bases all around the islands, and to gain this status, one requires resources that are the I app purchases. The Boom Beach Game Hack Tool is a hack that involves hacking into the game play to be able to unlock user preferences without payment and gives free user resources for one’s device.

The Boom Beach Hack Tool is downloadable to a computer running on Windows or Mac software. It supports all devices from iPads/ iPhones together with all Android devices. The hack tool is free to download and after downloading, launch the application. The hack tool needs to have the user device in connection to the computer to perform the hack on the game. This software is not part of the game’s manufacturers and is not traceable, therefore it is suitable to use over the long run without interference.


It is an application created by a team of developers who manage to cheat the system into performing tasks that require purchases, but it does so free of charge. This software helps avoid purchases for those who play to enjoy the game, and provide features that make the game slightly easier to play. When the application is open, select the OS of one’s mobile device, connect the device and click on the features tab. The features tab enables one to set a limit on the resources of the game e.g. diamonds, gold. The limit can be set to a number or to unlimited depending on the user’s preference.

The hack tool comes in two, the application and the online way to hack. The online way to hack requires one to use his/her username for the game’s account to get then items one needs to play the game. The online hack tool requires one to be specific on what he/she wants to be able to receive the resources one requests for in the game. The online hack tool does not require a download, just log into the website, type one’s user name and finally select the specific amount of resources in need to play the game. When the resources run out, one can still log in to the same website to add to the resources, there is no limit when it comes to the hack tool. you can try boom beach online hack tool here Tools Under Maintenance

Using the Boom Beach Hack Tool saves one’s money because it reduces costs that would have been there had the tool not been in existence. The loophole found in the game by the developers has been of benefit to the users of the game by enabling them to save on the cost of in-app purchases that clearly most people avoid.

The developers of the Boom Beach Hack Tool regularly update the software to keep up to date with the security of the hack tool.

3 Aug 2015

Clash of Clans Review

From Supercell comes Clash of Clans, a free online multiplayer Barbarian battle game for iOS and Android where the player raises an army and through battling other clans to acquire gold and elixir with an aim to seek and find victory over the other clans. The game has an age restriction for kids under the age of 13 because of the violent war aspect of the game. Clash of Clans game has in-app purchases, where you are to buy the gold and elixir from the store, but the Clash of Clans hack tool helps as a loophole in avoiding these in-app purchases and enjoying the game.

Game play

Elixir is for use in training the new troops, upgrade the troops in the clan, build and upgrade the buildings in the clan. Dark Elixir is available but that is in higher gaming levels, nut this is to train Dark Elixir troops and create spells. The buildings at the beginning for the player to defend are the cannons, mortars, archer towers and traps. There is also building a wall for the village that is upgradable as the player level increases.

Clash of Clans game has levels through which with every level you increase new features are discoverable. The app purchases come because of, increased amount of gold to make purchases in the higher levels. The game has the multiplayer feature where players of the game from all over the world can face off in the online community and battle for trophies and rewards. Defeating an opponent means, you get some of his/her achievements making the battle more fierce and indulging.

The Clash of Clans hack is a feature that helps you unlock unlimited resources such as the gold and the elixir. The clash of clans hack tool is downloadable from the website and after downloading, launch the application on your computer and connect the Android phone. The application will recognize the phone and from the menu, choose the number of resources needed. Finally, select the hack button and the application puts the resources in the account. In addition, hacking is online using the Clash of Clans username and selects the number of coins, gems and elixir that you need and then through the username, it adds the resources to your account.


As a regular player of the game, I would recommend anyone who is interested in strategy building and battle games to try the Clash of Clans. The game is addictive and fun to play; you can find yourself building a strategy all day. The graphics are clear enough to ensure the game is visible to the players. The online platform allows the battling to go on between different players of the game from different parts of the world. The Clash of Clans hack tool helps you avoid in-app purchases to get the rewards that help in your upgrades. I personally recommend anyone with a passion for war and victory, to play the game and get involved in seeking victory for the clan.

30 Jul 2015

Dota 2 Review

Dota 2 Review

dota 2 review by IGN
Dota 2 from Valve Software is more than just a battle game. The game is an enticing multiplayer war setting that is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Dota 2 involves two teams of five players each involved in a battle to destroy the “Ancient” that is a structure located at the centre of the city. The online game play is through a platform created by Valve known as Steam.


Walkthrough of the game

Players of the game select a hero to control during the game play and through the stages of battle levels, reward collection helps in fighting against the opponent player with an aim to be victorious. From the game’s first level it is a gradual process of acquiring abilities and skills and gaining knowledge through each and every level till the final level. The game’s two teams each have five players to use against the enemy creeps. The creeps have defense towers in their bases and seek to stop your progress of the game by preventing you from getting to the Ancient. They engage you in battles where you need to claim victory in order to avoid re-spawning.

The heroes you select in the game all have different strengths and abilities that with each level you [pass through, can increase gradually. Gold can also be in use when upgrading your hero to be able to have more strength and abilities when battling the creeps.dota 2 heroes

The game has seasonal events other than the normal game play, where Dota 2 introduces new challenges for you to play when not in the quest of destroying the Ancient.

The game’s currency is gold that has use in purchasing the game’s inventory and is from achievements that you achieve in the game. Through every achievement, you accomplish while in the game, you receive rewards in form of gold. The gold can be got through use of the Dota 2 hack tool that is free applications able to get you free unlimited gold.

Dota 2 Hack tool is a free to download application with its primary goal to provide you with unlimited number of resources for you to use in the game. The hack tool is available to download from secondary sites and is virus free. After downloading, launch the application on your computer and select the number of resources you need using your Dota 2 username information. After selecting the number of resources, press the hack button to send the selected resources to your account directly.


The game is fantastic even though it has an age restriction on it; anyone who by law is able to play the game will feel the thrill of being able to defend your territory while aiming to destroy the Ancient structure. Dota 2 has the online community Steam, allowing you to connect with other players of the game from different parts of the world with an aim of battling. I invite anyone to play the Dota 2 game and find out that it is more than a game. Dota 2 is a fantastic game to play.



Dota 2 Quotes

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28 Jul 2015

Reckless Racing 3 Review

Reckless Racing 3 Review


Developed by Pixelbite, Reckless Racing 3 is the third racing game in the series, and is bigger and better. Reckless Racing 3 brings new features into the game with complex graphics that are better than the previous versions in the series. The number of events in the game’s career mode is more; new routes are available, customizable touch controls and many more that you would not want to miss. The game is available for download from the Google Play Store from Android devices and Apple Store from the Apple devices. Reckless Racing 3 has in app purchases to unlock the cars that are unavailable at the start of the game, but the Reckless Racing 3 Hack tool helps you avoid these unnecessary purchases.


Walkthrough of the game

The name of the game as it suggests involves racing in a reckless style with the cars in the game mode, through the tracks doing drifts and making sure, you get the best racing experience than ever before. The game has more tracks and more challenges to keep you glued to your device. The drifts are epic than in the previous versions and with the increased number of vehicles, the game is bound to make you forget about your life for a while.

Reckless Racing 3 has complex graphics that help you in clearly seeing the vehicles go around the tracks. The corners in the dirty tracks of the game ensue you experience the drift experience of a lifetime. Pixelbite surely have created not only a game but also a way of life for you gamers. The opponent drives are more reckless than before, it is your pick to be quick or be the bully around the track with your reckless driving.

The game itself is not free and has in app purchases meaning it is quite an expense to play, but it is not. Reckless Racing 3 Hack tool is here for those who do not feel like spending money on the in app purchases. After purchasing the game from the official site, where you make the purchase of the game, download the Reckless 3 hack tool that will help you get free money and unlock cars free.


reckless racing 3 hack tool


Reckless Racing 3 Hack Tool is free to download, and is virus clean. The hack tool is usable in the addition of unlimited resources to your gaming account. The hack tool is available as an Android application or a Windows computer application. Run the app after download and connect your device. Select the unlimited resources that you need and finally press the start hack button. The resources sent straight to your account for use. It is that simple to use the Reckless Racing Hack tool.


Even though you will not be accountable when driving normal in the game, driving reckless will win you rewards. The game is fully equipped to suit any gamer and will not be a disappointment to those who have or are still to make that initial purchase, then after that, everything is easy. Do not wait any longer to get the game, download it as soon as possible.