Star Wars: Battlefront – PS4 players gathered PC and Xbox One

Star Wars: Battlefront is out there only a few days already, we can draw some statistics

Today we are going to look at a statistical Battlefront. Other than the number of games sold since the release of the title. This time, it is the players or rather their respective machine in question.
The swbstats website keeps an eye in real time (almost) on connections of the players engaged in the fight of good against evil in Star Wars: Battlefront. And by clicking on it if there is a trend that can we be obvious, it is the dominance of Sony’s gaming platform, the PlayStation 4.
So much so that by adding PC gamers and Xbox One connected at the same time, we still have a margin more than important to get the result of the PS4. Approximately 100,000 players gaps, actually. Sure, we will not draw upon a star, but it’s a safe bet that the sales of the latest DICE who will fall next week will be very clearly made largely on PlayStation 4.

Star Wars: Battlefront was released November 17, 2015 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.